3rd November 2020
Wallace Chan to show never-seen-before brooch as part of inaugural TEFAF Online

Jewellery artist and innovator Wallace Chan will showcase ‘In Love with Spring’ for the first time as part of the inaugural TEFAF New York Online. In line with the fair’s singular “masterpiece” format, Chan presents an exceptional brooch that exemplifies his unique aesthetic, gift for storytelling and technical genius.

‘In Love with Spring’, created in 2014, conveys Chan’s vision of “flying colours” with meticulous gemstone setting. The gemstones on the butterfly’s wings are angled in an extraordinary way to convey a sense of life and movement. Swirling lines and patterns come together, forming a labyrinth of colours and fantasies that resemble a butterfly’s utopia – woods, trees and flowers. Inspired by Chan’s cultural experiences and personal stories, ‘In Love with Spring’ is another tour de force of the artist’s butterfly journey.

TEFAF New York Online will run from 1-4 November, with preview days from 30-31 October 2020.

Image Credit: ‘In Love with Spring’ brooch, Imperial Topaz 1 pc 8.24 ct, Emerald, Ruby, Yellow Diamond, Orange Sapphire, Tsavorite Garnet, Diamond, Titanium.