14th August 2015
Viva Cuba! at LUMAS Gallery

LUMAS Gallery will present a new series of limited editions by photographers Werner Pawlok, Luigi Visconti and Larry Yust, in an exhibition titled Viva Cuba! (on view from 30th September 2015).

The world-renowned, Stuttgart-based photographer Werner Pawlok is already one of LUMAS’ bestselling photographers for his series ‘Cuba – expired’, having dedicated himself to the Caribbean country since 2004. In July 2015, he revisited Havana to capture an historic period of change in the Cuban capital, in a series of photographs exclusively created for the LUMAS portfolio. The result is a range of powerful shots with a bittersweet aftertaste. Pawlok tells the tale of a rapidly changing country and provides an insight into decades of glory and unimaginable splendour.

The architecture, colour, light and atmosphere in Cuba is a huge influence on Pawlok’s work and the same can be said for the two other artists whose works feature in Viva Cuba! Luigi Visconti is particularly inspired by the art deco, art nouveau and eclectic design influences in Cuban architecture and this is shown in his photographs of promenade facades. His works presented at LUMAS mirror the flat, confrontational buildings and, by removing perspective and everyday life, the photographs become focused purely on the extraordinary architecture of the city.

Philadelphian-born Larry Yust worked in theatre and film whilst pursuing a parallel career as a still photographer in the 1990s. His work is drawn from his understanding of the film-making process and uses Photographic Elevation, created by walking or riding along a path parallel to the subject being photographed, and taking individual overlapping shots, which are then put together digitally. His Photographic Elevations are made up of between five and fifty individual shots.


Image Credit 1: Luigi Visconti, Paseo del Prado (detail), © Luigi Visconti, Courtesy of LUMAS Gallery

Image Credit 2: Luigi Visconti, Malecon, Havana (detail), © Luigi Visconti, Courtesy of LUMAS Gallery