20th November 2021
Symbol unveiled for dignity in healthcare

Anonymous visual and performance artist Princess Pea collaborated with 500+ women and 15+ partner organisations in Patna India, as part of the women-led and women-centred movement Khud Se Pooche to co-create a symbol and textile-based art installation, to highlight the need for dignity for women in healthcare in India.

The 40ft x 9ft textile-based art installation was created using the indigenous craft of ‘Applique’, and is inspired by a safety pin – an everyday object and a woman’s constant companion, that symbolises dignity, care and a safe space in healthcare.

The art installation was unveiled at Sumati Place in Patna, Bihar on 22 November and remained on public view till early December. This symbol has been created through an in-depth engagement and participation model in the form of art-based workshops organised by Princess Pea for the women ambassadors of the Khud Se Pooche movement.

For more information, please visit: khudsepooche.in.

Image Credit: Suryan Dang/The Pea Family Studio.