12th May 2019
Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, Kuwait, launches its first international visual arts programme in Venice

Kuwait’s largest museum complex, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, has announced its Heart of Culture programme, a new directive in global cultural exchange. At the centre of the programme is In my dream I was in Kuwait, a contemporary art exhibition presenting new artwork by six emerging Kuwaiti artists at the Scuola dell’Arte dei Tiraoro e Battioro in Campo San Stae, Venice from 15 June – 28 November 2019.

Heart of Culture will provide each Kuwaiti artist featured in In my dream I was in Kuwait with the opportunity to engage with and learn from local Venetian master craftsmen and contemporary artists through a series of curated workshops. This programme leads the way in a new institutional-led international series of events comprising multiple collaborations with major academic and cultural organisations around the world.

The exhibition presents the plurality of Kuwaiti artistic practice through artworks developed on the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre’s Artist-in-Residence programme and is part of the institution’s aim to nurture young talent and facilitate cultural exchange through international collaborations. The artists’ work included in In my dream I was in Kuwait incorporates themes such as socio-political injustices, cultural identity and mental health and features a range of mediums including photography, painting and mixed media.

To learn more about the upcoming programmes, please visit ascckw.com.

Image Credit: The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre. Courtesy of SSH.