3rd March 2021
Plymouth welcomes world’s first flying puppet

This August, theatremakers Trigger will stage The Hatchling, an extraordinary outdoor performance bringing a universal myth to life. A giant puppet in the form of a dragon will roam through the city, before taking flight from a clifftop in a unique feat of artistry and engineering.

The Hatchling has been created in collaboration with a world-class team of immersive theatre makers, puppetry specialists and champion kite flyers. The World Premiere, which is free to attend, will invite the public to take to the streets and accompany the dragon on her epic two-day journey. The event aims to bring together people from all walks of life to participate in a shared experience, opening up conversations around migration and freedom of movement.

Image Credit: The Hatchling walking (Portrait). Photo by Carl Robertshaw. Courtesy of the Hatchling.