13th February 2021
Peter Harrington celebrates love in literature

Antiquarian book dealer Peter Harrington have released a special catalogue entitled ‘Literature in Love’.

Published to coincide with Valentine’s Day this month, a new catalogue from Peter Harrington Rare Books showcases one-of-a-kind monuments to romance, love and desire through the ages, encompassing love in all its forms – from medieval romances and the Romantics to the first gay poetry anthology and Ian Fleming’s love letters.

Commenting on the catalogue, Sammy Jay, the literature specialist at Peter Harrington responsible for curating the selection, said: “​After a difficult year, with people kept apart for too long, I hope that our Literature catalogue for 2021 will stand as a celebration of that force that has always connected us, and will one day bring us back together again. ‘Literature in Love’ seeks to present the universal experience of romantic love, in its ecstasy and anguish, as expressed in great stories and poetry throughout the ages.”​

Sammy spoke about the emergence of printed Valentine’s cards on Monocle radio’s magazine show The Stack, and penned an article on Valentine’s traditions and curiosities for Literary Hub.

Please find more information at peterharrington.co.uk.

Image Credit: The earliest obtainable printing of Shakespeare’s major poetry, including a collection of sonnets –– £22,500.