13th November 2019
Oona D’mello and House of Sōhn collaborate to launch Est. Form with Fashion for Brunch at Soho House, Mumbai, India

Est. Form presents a cross-disciplinary collaboration between artist Oona D’mello and fashion label House of Sōhn. The label is set to preview their launch with Fashion for Brunch, an event to be held on 7 December at Soho House, Mumbai.

Est. Form breaks the norms separating art and fashion, integrating the two in a series of interdisciplinary creations, presenting the two mediums as a response to each other as well as a unique proposition of a new form that defies categorization. Their collaboration results in work that is realized both on canvas, and off the canvas onto cloth.

The collaboration grew organically between the two friends – Oona, a visual artist practising globally and currently based in Mumbai, and Sohni, the founder and head designer at House of Sōhn. Whilst Oona’s art visually serves as a free-flowing interaction of colour and movement, inspired through her experiences, Sohni designs clothes with clean cuts and neutral palettes, reflecting unrestricted femininity and emotions through texture and form. Although their individual practices are in separate disciplines, an instinctive and experiential drive marks a starting point for them.

Image Credit:  Courtesy of Est. Form