3rd July 2020
Nisha Mathew Ghosh represents India at London Design Biennale

India Pavilion to lead the conversation on sustainable design at the London Design Biennale, set to take place in 2021

Themed “Resonance” the third edition of the Biennale will feature installations by architects, designers, scientists, and artists from over 50 countries.

For the India Pavilion, architect Nisha Mathew Ghosh will present “SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL. A Billion Stories”, a new multi-sensory kinetic installation that brings together art, craft, design, music, and technology, assembling a labyrinth of radical ideas developed to combat the pollution of India’s natural environment- its water, forests, earth, and air.

At the heart of the installation is a two-winged kinetic structure inspired by the modern form of a windmill blade and the traditional Indian Punkha.

The installation pays homage to historical grassroots initiatives by communities and individuals in India and signals the hope these community-based movements can provide in challenging the current ecological crises of India’s booming cities.

For further information, please visit nishamathewghosh

Image Credit: Installation view: reference image of the earliest scheme now in its 3rd iteration. Courtesy of Nisha Mathew Ghosh