25th February 2019
New performing arts company Any One Thing presents its first immersive production, Recollection, from 27 February to 28 April 2019
Founded in London in 2018 by Justin Fyles and Paul Farnell as a performing arts company specialising in immersive experiences, Any One Thing makes its debut with Recollection, a highly personalised experience on the streets of London encompassing elements of theatre and technology. The company define themselves through their unique content, combining elements of theatre with unexpected performance locations, audience interaction, and the use of technology which allows plot and prop details to be customised to individual audience members.
Recollection takes the audience on an eighty-minute promenade with protagonist Sarah through the streets of London, into a stakeout van and finally to the old offices of Memorious, a biotech startup-turned-multinational corporation that has erased her memory. Through helping Sarah piece her life back together, the audience is invited to explore issues of morality surrounding personal data privacy and discover that their lives are closer to hers than they first thought.
Tickets for Recollection are on sale at £30 + VAT and can be purchased via https://anyonething.co.uk/. Further information can be found on the Recollection Eventbrite page.
Image Credit: Any One Thing © Any One Thing