24th October 2020
Irish storytellers Macnas bring the dramatic legend of Gilgamesh online

Masters of storytelling and spectacle Macnas are bringing dramatic new interpretations of the world’s oldest story, the legend of Gilgamesh online, for Galway European Capital of Culture 2020.

Macnas’ reimaginings of the epic tale are unfolding online through film, photography and audio. Marking the official launch of the story was the first of three short films by Irish cinematographer and drone photographer Colm Hogan. The film, shot in the region of Connemara, introduces the dramatic and dangerous beauty of the Irish landscape where the story unfolds, alongside characters from the 4,000 year-old epic.

The epic of Gilgamesh is the world’s first-ever hero’s journey. The story centres on Gilgamesh, a young tyrannical king two-thirds God, one-third man who is obsessed with fame and finding the secret to immortality. His citizens cry out to the Gods for help and they create Enkidu, a wild man sent to challenge and rival Gilgamesh.

The films are bringing the legend of Gilgamesh to life for a 21st-century audience. The first one currently available to watch via macnas.com, with the second set for release online on 5 November 2020.

Please find more information at gilgamesh.macnas.com.

Image credit: Gilgamesh, produced by Macnas for Galway 2020. Credit – Julia Dunin Photography.