13th September 2021
HOME Manchester announces UK solo exhibition debut by internationally renowned artist Cassils, ‘Human Measure’

From 2 October to 12 December 2021, HOME Manchester will present Human Measure. The first UK solo exhibition by transgender visual artist Cassils. Cassils makes their own body the material and protagonist of their work and performances, working across the mediums of sculpture, photography, live performance sound design and film. The exhibition, a 10 year survey of Cassils’ work, is curated by Bren O’Callaghan.

Through ‘Human Measure’ Cassils contemplates the history(s) of LGBTQI+ violence, representation, struggle and power at a critical moment for trans advocacy in the UK, grappling with the question: ‘What does it mean to engage in the politics of representation in a moment of heightened violence?’

Cassils is also presenting another first, a new performance commission for stage, inspired by Yves Klein’s Anthropometries paintings, an artist whose physical practice deeply inspires Cassils. Created in collaboration with choreographer, Jasmine Albuquerque, the commission will feature a group of UK-based, transgender, gender non conforming and non-binary professional dancers, selected to perform the work.

For further information, please visit  home – manchester – cassils-human-measure

Image Credit: Human Measure Cyanotype – Courtesy Cassils with Bonny Taylor.