14th August 2020
Flint Culture launches fourth edition of Cluster Crafts

Flint Culture has been engaged to promote Cluster, the creative platform tailored to the needs of artists and young collectors. Founded in 2016, Cluster set the tone for affordable art fairs that work directly with artists rather than galleries. Encompassing Crafts, Photography and Jewellery, Cluster offers a platform for artists through exhibitions, an online shop, and professional development opportunities. 2021 sees the launch of the Cluster Residency programme created to support artists with creative space and mentoring.

This October Cluster hosts the fourth edition of Cluster Crafts, London’s fair for affordable craft making. Featuring over 100 works for sale from emerging talent to celebrated studios such as Haberdashery and High Society, Cluster Crafts showcases the latest innovations in international design.

Spanning three floors, the exhibition will be arranged to represent the material interdependence of earth, soil and air such as ceramicists, glassmakers and lighting designers. Highlights include Haberdashery’s award-winning Dawn to Dusk range evoking the memory of the rising and setting sun and Klaus Kirchner’s timber flower sculptures, using discarded pieces of wood to make translucent umbrella petals with steam-bent stems.

In addition to the product showcase, Cluster Crafts will present a programme of talks and workshops online focused on exploring new methods of making, cutting-edge materials and business strategies post-COVID-19. Artists and industry leaders will look at the present and future of crafts, recognising the growing impact of new technologies in everyday life and the urgent environmental need for restructuring our production methodologies.

Image Credit: Tomoya Sakai, Forest, 2020, exhibited at Cluster Crafts, image courtesy of the artist.