14th December 2018
Flint appointed to lead the communications campaign for cultural placemaking of Beykoz Kundura

With over 200 years of uninterrupted industrial production, Istanbul’s Beykoz Kundura has played a crucial role in the industrialization programmes of both the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey. Flint will lead a campaign to raise awareness of Beykoz Kundura as a unique arts and culture destination, for local, national and international audiences.

Beykoz Kundura has been running a major restoration project within the complex, aiming to restore the most precious group of structures in the factory named Boiler Room. In its heyday, Beykoz Kundura held regular film screenings and the factory’s cinema programme provided an important cultural experience to the daily lives of its workers. Now, The Boiler Room, which formed the heart of the factory complex, has been restored for the Kundura Cinema project to serve as one of the newest, and yet most historic, cultural platforms in Istanbul. The Boiler Room project runned by Yıldırım Holding will also include Kundura Stage and Kundura Memory, due to open in late 2019.

The Boiler Room Project aims to celebrate and support the cultural heritage of the factory, transforming the site into a unique cultural destination in Istanbul. Flint’s Istanbul and London offices will work together to run an integrated multi-channel communications campaign, securing partnerships, sponsorships and press coverage, aiming to position Beykoz Kundura on the world stage as a vibrant hub for cultural exchange and creative development.

Image Credit: Beykoz Kundura Genel © Canberk Ulusan