22nd October 2020
Cluster launches Artist Residency programme

Cluster, the creative platform tailored to the needs of artists and young collectors, is launching a series of tailored Residencies to support an artist with space, mentoring and an exhibition. The residencies cover Illustration, Photography, Jewellery and Craft.

Working from a studio in East London with specific equipment provided in response to the artist’s needs, residents will be given a custom-designed programme of one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry professionals to guide them through research and production, and help shape their concluding solo show.

The residency will last for 4 weeks in Spring 2021 at a time suitable for the artist with career support continuing for one year (or more) during which their work will also be exhibited at the Cluster fair. Submissions Close 20 Dec 2020.

To find out more visit cluster-london.com/cluster-london-artist-in-residence.