21st February 2019
Chennai Photo Biennale shows works by over 50 artists in print from 13 countries across the city of Chennai

The second edition of Chennai Photo Biennale (CPB), an international biennale of photography, running from 22 February – 24 March 2019 with large scale exhibitions in a variety of public spaces, shows works by over 50 artists in print from 13 countries across the city of Chennai. Alongside the exhibitions, the Biennale includes an extensive programme of artist talks, workshops, films, projections, residencies, skill development in photography and much more.

The Biennale, co-founded and co-organised by the CPB Foundation and the Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai, has chosen renowned sculptor and photo performance artist, Pushpamala N. as the Artistic Director for the second edition. The philosophy for this edition is Fauna of Mirrors, an old Chinese myth that talks about an alternate universe that exists behind the mirror, another dimension which is home to unknown creatures and unknown worlds. Pushpamala N. explores the myth to see if the practice of photography is a reflection of modern life, creating a parallel world of images – familiar yet strange, perhaps friendly and intimate, sometimes mysterious and hostile – but always magical. The curatorial concept uses the ancient fable to ruminate in a philosophical and poetic way around photography today.

One of the highlights of the Biennale is the International Photography Conference, 16 – 17 March (to be held at the historic Egmore Museum Theatre), the first of its kind in India and open to all. The title of the conference is ‘Light Writing: The Photographic Image Reloaded’ and it is supported by the Shergil-Sundaram Arts Foundation and presented by Savera. The conference will include a dynamic program of artists, curators and scholars from different parts of the world who will present papers and discuss the state of photography today. Speakers include Ashwini Asokan (India), Diwas Raja KC (Nepal), Emeka Okereke (Nigeria), Kristoffer Gansing (Germany), M.K. Raghavendra (India), Rashmi Sawhney (India), P. Sainath (India), Sabeena Gadihoke (India), Satyajit Mayor (India), Shela Sheikh (UK), T. Shanaathanan (Sri Lanka), Y.S. Alone (India), Zhuang Wubin (Singapore).