Case Study
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ‘A Time for Remembering’

Organised by The Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, A Time for Remembering was an exhibition which traced the 800-year collective history of Turks and Armenians through the presentation of evocative visual and archival material and a collection of late 20th-century Ottoman era postcards, revealing the multicultural and varied ethnic nature of the late Ottoman Empire.

Flint worked with staff at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the exhibition’s design team for a six-month project, drawing on the agency’s experience of publicising exhibitions and marketing cultural events, and acting as a strategic consultant throughout the development of the exhibition, advising the Ministry in areas including logistics, media buying, crisis management, public relations, event management and strategic partnerships.

Flint’s extensive promotional remit included managing all national media press activity around the exhibition, overseeing all media buying and advertising of the exhibition, and delivering onsite event management in order to engage audiences ranging from arts and culture enthusiasts to Turkey’s Armenian community.

For the opening of the exhibition, Flint organised an evening reception which drew over 140 guests including cultural attaches and foreign diplomats based in Turkey, The Mayor of Istanbul and the Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul. Flint also arranged for the renowned Armenian musician Ara Dinkjian to perform at the opening reception. A press breakfast was organised on the opening day with over 40 journalists in attendance, including film crews from TRT World, CNN, NTV Al Jazeera and The BBC World Service. A carefully considered crisis communications plan and media coaching of the exhibition spokespersons enabled the client to respond appropriately to any difficult questions arising during media interviews concerning the sensitive nature of the exhibition.

Flint conducted an extensive nationwide outreach, which targeted Turkish, Armenian and English language publications resulted in coverage in leading publications including Agos, Jamanak, Hürriyet and Sabah with over 60 pieces of coverage delivered across print, broadcast and digital media, the campaign provided over 4 million opportunities to view.

Flint’s responsibility for the media buying of the campaign, which included the bookings of the key billboards in the metro, tram and ferry stations, reached around 5 million of Istanbul’s population.


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