23rd October 2020
Biodiversity by the Bay, a festival of art, music and comedy launched in Mumbai to celebrate its diverse ecosystem

Biodiversity By The Bay is a three week online festival of music, art and comedy launched in Mumbai on the 5 October. Designed to raise awareness around climate issues and celebrate Mumbai’s diverse ecosystem the festival is organised by the Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic.

Biodiversity By The Bay kicked off with a series of online music performances by some of India’s leading musicians including Kolkata based pop duo Parekh + Sing, singer model and actress Anushka Manchanda aka Nuka!, and Blot! renowned for their pioneering minimal, modern house and techno music. This was followed by a week of artistic interventions where 10 artists and designers launched new work addressing issues around the cities ecosystem before the festival came to an end with a host of stand up performances.

The festival is part of the Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic’s broader campaign to use digital and social action to help protect Mumbai’s ecosystem. Set up by a collective of Mumbaikars, Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic believes in the idea of Mumbai as a city where climate consciousness and modernity are synonymous. Alongside the festival they have created a list of environmental demands that will be presented to civic bodies and policymakers within the government of Maharashtra.

Please find more information at Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic’s.

Image Credit: Artwork by Priyanka Paul for Biodiversity by the Bay.