26th November 2018
Bengaluru launches inaugural city-wide Design Festival, Bengaluru ByDesign

Bengaluru launched its very own Design Festival – Bengaluru ByDesign on 23 November, running until 2 December 2018 across the key landmarks in the city.

Bengaluru ByDesign focuses on demystifying design and making it more accessible to the public through installations, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, events, screenings, pop-ups, talks and more. The 10-day design programme shines the spotlight on India’s design talent whilst also functioning as a platform for global creative dialogue, featuring a strong participation from design professionals from across the world. This year’s Festival aims to cover three key themes: Design & Public, Design & Education and Design & Business, promoting public participation, education, innovation, sustainability and creativity via design.

The Festival commenced with a press walk-through with Suprita Moorthy, Founder and Priyanka Shah-Bhandary, Co-Founder of the Festival who highlighted some of the key installations at UB City, Bengaluru. The installations included Karolina Merska Pajaki Chandelier made out of local flowers hanging from the ceiling titled A Little Paper, A Little Poland; Bluecat Paper’s Stop & Stair – Unchained Symphony: Birds which covered the entire staircase at UB City with recycled and upcycled paper; 20+18 Chair Project which is a showcase of one functional object interpreted in terms of process, material, form, quality and time; VU televisions’ installation A Different Point of VU that aims to open a dialogue on the role of technology in our lives; and Tales of Indigo by Asian Paints giving viewers a unique insight into the story of the colour – Indigo.

Other public installations included Green is the Colour by Total Environment at St. Marks, Bengaluru. This installation forms a twisted arch made of metal and jute covered with covered with baby spinach plants and watered periodically creating the appearance of a continuously twisting green ribbon; and When Buildings Come Alive, where Townhall Bengaluru is wrapped with warps and wefts, exquisite weaves from Aadyam Handwoven’s collection creating a disruptive sight capturing the public’s imagination.

The walkthrough was followed by the opening of the country’s largest design conference, India Design Forum who brought global thought leaders and practitioners of technology, innovation, and design, to Bengaluru for the first time. This year’s theme was Disruptive Design and the speakers discussed how cutting-edge innovation and technology is creating lifestyle changes universally. From what we wear, to the way we consume information, to how we engage with our environment; to how we live is changing rapidly with disruptive businesses and products.