1st February 2021
Wallace Chan to launch his first major sculpture exhibition in Venice

Wallace Chan’s first major sculpture exhibition, ‘TITANS: A dialogue between materials, space and time’, will take place at Fondaco Marcello in Venice, Italy, from 14 May – 31 October 2021.

Curated by James Putnam, the exhibition will feature a series of large-scale titanium and iron sculptures and an immersive installation composed of titanium and mirrored stainless steel, giving an unprecedented survey of Chan’s work as a sculptor. Together, this new body of work conveys Chan’s contemplation on the relationship between materials, space and time through titanium: a futuristic, space-age material that has long been the subject of his experimental impulses.

Whatever his medium, Chan is always driven by a fascination with materials and a desire to push them beyond their limits. The free-standing sculpture series, A Dialogue between Materials and Time, explores the juxtaposition between the lightness and durability of titanium with iron’s weightiness and susceptibility to corrosion.

Meanwhile, Chan’s site-specific installation, A Dialogue between Materials and Space, explores the illusion of space inside non-space. The artist’s use of mirrored stainless steel is a nod to Venice’s history as the most important centre for mirror production from the 16th century and a homage to a city that has been a constant source of inspiration for him.
Chan, by juxtaposing titanium with these two very different materials (iron and mirrored stainless steel), not only highlights their opposites but also alludes to the wider notion of duality that is ever-present in his work; that there can be no positive without negative, no light without darkness, no space without matter.

Image Credit: Wallace Chan, A Dialogue between Materials and Time V, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.