31st August 2018
Artist duo Miss Bugs presents Echo Chamber – an exhibition of new large scale portraits of pop culture icons including JFK, Lady Gaga and Basquiat.

British artist duo, Miss Bugs, will present 15 new large scale mixed media portraits and figurative works for their solo exhibition. Featuring abstracted portraits of iconic faces from pop culture including J F Kennedy and Lady Gaga, among others.

Miss Bugs – the artist duo based in London and originally from Bristol – appropriate imagery from a combination of high and low cultural references, employing a range of techniques including resin casting and silk screen printing to create vibrant ‘pop art’ imagery and sculptural, multi media artworks.

For this exhibition, each piece is made up of everyday and low-fi objects including small plastic Japanese charms, superhero toys and surgical blades alongside lego figures and old toy cars. The collaged pieces are suspended within polished cast resin creating a reflective surface that evokes TV and mobile phone screens ubiquitous in modern life. The arrangement of the works are representations of patterns found throughout nature and society, recreated by the artists to reflect modern day ‘echo chambers’ found throughout man made social networks, and mass media. This body of work explores how, with our beliefs encased inside a closed system, repeated back to us ad infinitum, leads to the amplification and reinforcement of these ideas.

Image Credit: Radiant Child by Miss Bugs. Printed paper cuts and mirrored foil cast in resin on wood and aluminium 95 x h140cm. Image courtesy of Miss Bugs.