3rd July 2020
Anna Laudel Reopened with Mehmet Sinan Kuran’s “Posthumous” Exhibition

Reopened on June 9th after COVID-19 hiatus, Anna Laudel showcases Mehmet Sinan Kuran’s solo show “Posthumous” until 29 August 2020.

The exhibition is based on the idea of humankind’s need to act and think differently around the concept of “togetherness”. With the exhibition and its name, Posthumous, meaning  “afterlife” in Latin, Kuran reminds the audience that we must be together while still alive, be more sensitive than before, and have to learn new things. 

Located on three floors of the gallery, “Posthumous” consists of three phases; Camel, Lion, and Child. Calling out from the third and last phase, which is the space of innocent children, Kuran emphasizes the importance of being together without any distinction between good and evil, but only focusing on the positive or negative. 

Anna Laudel will accept visitors until 29 August 2020 by appointment as part of the preventive health measures for a safe gallery visit. 

For further information, please visit annalaudel.gallery

Image Credit: Mehmet Sinan Kuran, Resonance, Ceramic, 18 x 21 x13 cm, 2020, photo by Kayhan Kaygusuz.