22nd October 2020
Anna Laudel Presents Anke Eilergerhard’s Solo Exhibition “Resilience”

Anna Laudel presents Berlin-based artist Anke Eilergerhard’s solo exhibition “Resilience”, showcasing original sculptures produced with a unique technique that stimulates not only sight but also touch, taste, and smell.

The exhibition hosts a series of fascinating sculptures produced by the artist, using a special silicone material called “pigmented polyorganosiloxan” and porcelain. Anke Eilergerhard’s stunning sculptures evoke abundance and plentifulness, at the same time presenting the objects we know best in a way that has never been seen before.

The artist, who shapes the silicone layers like a dough, stacks world-renowned kitchen objects in a mysterious symmetry, almost defying gravity, out of their usual norms. Her works, carefully produced with this technique, take their place in the feminist discourse both in terms of aesthetics by rejecting traditional kitchen objects identified with women all over the world. Her first solo exhibition in Turkey showcases more than 30 of her new and recent productions including; sculptures, wall-reliefs, and screen printings.

Anna Laudel will accept visitors until 27 December 2020 by appointment as part of the preventive health measures for a safe gallery visit.

For further information, please visit annalaudel.gallery

Image Credit: Anke Eilergerhard, From the Exhibition ‘Resilience’, Anna Laudel Istanbul, 2020, photo by Kayhan Kaygusuz.