11th December 2018
Anna Laudel Contemporary Presents Three Solo Exhibitions by Emerging Women Artists From Turkey

Anna Laudel Contemporary, one of Istanbul’s leading, dynamic contemporary art galleries, continues its exhibition programme with the works of 3 emerging women artists from Turkey. Themes ranging from migration and identity; the link between traditional cultural infrastructure and current production practices to the process of existence and the universe.

Opened on the 15th of November, the exhibitions showcase Happy at Nowhere by Ekin Su Koç; Another World by Tuğçe Diri and States of Being by Tülay İçöz.

Ekin Su Koç recently works with fabric materials as well as the techniques such as collage on paper and paint on canvas. The themes of migration, sense of belonging and body perception can be observed in her works. The elements and images in her paintings touch upon both subjective/personal and social references regarding her time, spaces and people’s effects on herself who pass through her life.

Tuğçe Diri uses contemporary forms of expression, yet traditional arts are the starting point of the production process of her. She works with different mediums such as drawing on paper, canvas and lace, acrylic on canvas. The artist describes her work as an effort to place her vital reality plastically, which is based on her experience and the geography that she lives in.

Tülay İçöz’s practice of sculpture is based on the ideas of existence of universe and human beings. The sculptures shows the dynamism and incompleteness in the process of existence. The cycle of the universe makes references to the waves of energy that connect us to each other with the effort of formation and completion, and to the constant rotation of the world.

The exhibitions of three contemporary artists using different mediums and techniques are held across three floors of exhibition space at Anna Laudel Contemporary in Istanbul until 6 January 2019.

Image Credit: 3 Solo Exhibitions © Kayhan Kaygusuz. Courtesy of Anna Laudel Contemporary.