12th September 2018
Anna Laudel Contemporary presents a solo exhibition of Italian Artist Daniele Sigalot

Daniele Sigalot is well known for his unique large-scale installations, unconventional mosaics and recognised by his innovative use of different materials and interdisciplinary techniques.

Anna Laudel Contemporary will display “Empires Ago” bringing together more than 30 artworks of Sigalot with his unique techniques reflecting today’s contrasting emotions. Using a wide range of materials and medium ranging from cardboard to aluminium; from mosaic to digital displays, from drawing to painting, Sigalot will showcase his new works that have been produced in Istanbul as well as the recent ones. The exhibition will take place between 13 September and 26 October.

Empires Ago” takes its inspiration from the Roman and the Ottoman Empires. Sigalot is from Rome and he grew up in a city which still lives under the legend of the Empire. He finds the impact of the Ottoman Empire on Istanbul similar to the one he has been experiencing in Rome: both cities were used to be the capital of an empire and very powerful and both empires disappeared long ago, yet Italians and Turks still have pride in their empires. For this exhibition, Sigalot created a series of maps of Istanbul and Rome which are made up of stainless steel. The maps have a mirror effect, reflecting the faces of the viewer within the views from past and present.

Sigalot has been working from his temporary studio in Istanbul for the last two months and will present his works that have been produced here. One of these works is a large-scale installation entitled “Everything That Could Have Been but Wasn’t, Now Is” and will be presented for the first time in this exhibition. The artist describes his work as a “redemption” process that turns bad ideas into good ones. The giant volume of the work narrows down the space and creates a claustrophobic feeling, emphasising the blocks and tensions the individual experiences during the creative process.

Sigalot enjoys creating contrasting emotions and using prolific techniques. For this exhibition, he produced another new installation piece made up of an unconventional material entitled “3900 Sponges”. It is an installation of colorful pom-poms, approaching the relationship between the true nature of things and its perception by society in the manner of an illusionist.

Opening on Thursday, September 13, the exhibition will run parallel to the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial (September 22–November 4) of the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and will be held across three floors of exhibition space at Anna Laudel Contemporary in Istanbul until October 26, 2018.

The selected works of Daniele Sigalot will also be displayed at the 13th edition of Contemporary Istanbul between September 20–23, 2018 at Anna Laudel Contemporary’s booth (A1-114).


Image Credit: Daniele Sigalot, 3900 Sponges on the Floor, 2018, Synthetic sponges, Variable dimensions