12th July 2017
‘Handmade in Rajasthan’ Khadi makes its debut at London Textile Fair

LONDON: Luxury brand ‘Handmade in Rajasthan’ made its UK debut with its new collection of Khadi at the London Textile Fair in Islington last week.

The collection featured fifty luxury fabrics, each one a design collaboration between a leading Indian or international designer and a local artisan. The collaborations were arranged by Rajasthan’s Textile Development Programme, an initiative that works to preserve the culture of traditional weaving methods in the Indian state.

Each piece of handwoven Khadi represents Ghandi’s ‘fabric of freedom’, a philosophy that advocates the Indian textile industry as a valuable resource for providing employment opportunities, financial success and a better quality of life for all artisans.

Rajasthan Heritage Week, the organisation behind ‘Handmade in Rajasthan’, is committed to promoting fabrics as luxury items on a global platform, and celebrating Rajasthan’s vibrant textile legacy.

“Rajasthan Heritage Week integrates the traditional textile arts of the state with the most talented designers in India and abroad. In the same way that the Irish made a global statement with their linen, India needs to position its Khadi and handwoven masterpieces as a true and rare luxury. A new generation has to be educated about the importance of the handmade arts of India. Khadi has been relegated to the shelves of uninspiring stores and, as a result, lost its importance as the fabric that won us our freedom. It’ s time to make our youth and the world understand that this is the fabric of the future, with the potential to make an important fashion statement internationally, season after season.”

– Mr. Prasad Bidapa, Project Organizer and Chief Creative Director


Image Credit: Bibi Russell from Bangladesh develops fabrics with the weavers of Khadi in Rajasthan. At Hawa Mahal, Jaipur © Haider Khan