1st June 2017
Istanbul welcomes major exhibition by Colombian artist Fernando Botero

Flint is working with Anna Laudel Contemporary to promote an exhibition of works by critically-acclaimed Colombian artist Fernando Botero that have never previously been exhibited in Turkey. The work spans three floors of the Istanbul gallery until 25th June 2017.

Everyday’s Poetry – Scenes from the Fullness of Life presents Botero’s interest in the voluminous sensuality of the human figure – or, in the words of curator Dr. Klaus Wolbert, “corpulent bodies” – through an extensive selection of paintings, drawings and sculptures in bronze and marble.

In showing Botero’s work, Anna Laudel Contemporary furthers its commitment to providing a platform for international artists in Turkey, supporting Istanbul’s global reputation as a thriving cultural city.

Anna Laudel commented: “We see the gallery as a bridge through which to stay connected with the international art world, to support art production and to show the outcome by displaying great art. I wanted the gallery’s artists to exhibit in a larger space and organize events where people could meet, exchange ideas, and stay in touch with the international art scene.”

Please visit annalaudel.gallery for more information about the exhibition.


Image Credit 1: Image from the exhibition opening at Anna Laudel Contemporary in Istanbul, courtesy of Anna Laudel Contemporary

Image Credit 2: Lying Woman, Fernando Botero, 2013, courtesy of Anna Laudel Contemporary